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Welcome to P2/3
Mrs Gillies & Mr Cassidy
Please bring in fully labelled P.E. kit.
Welcome to Primary 2/3 with Mrs Gillies and Mr Cassidy.

We are all having good fun learning lots of new and exciting things.


During last term we had lots of fun learning about numbers to 100 (P2) and numbers to 1000 (P3) and this will continue into the present term. We also learned about the names and properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects such as lines of symmetry, the number of faces, edges and vertices. This term we will introduce the 2, 5 and 10 times tables (P2) and the 3 and 4 times tables (P3) using their knowledge of table facts to multiply 2 digit numbers. We will also do some work on bar charts (P2) and Venn diagrams (P3).


Last term the pupils in P2 were introduced to the North Lanarkshire reading programme which takes a new phoneme each week (such as “oa”) and encourages the pupils to say, make and write words containing this phoneme using a complete alphabet of magnetic letters plus a set of phonemes too. There is a story focusing on each phoneme and a dictation towards the end of the week to assess how the pupils are doing. P3 are continuing to use a range of spelling strategies such as LOOK COVER WRITE CHECK and also to develop reading/vocabulary skills such as guessing the meaning of a word from its context. In writing this term we will be doing an acrostic poem on Autumn, an imaginative story centred on Halloween, a set of instructions for Fireworks Safety and no doubt a letter to Santa when the time comes!

Topic for this term

Last term we really enjoyed learning about Julia Donaldson and her popular stories such as “The Gruffalo” and “Sharing a Shell”. The pupils created a Gruffalo face from painting paper plates and cutting out facial features. In ICT, they used Colour Magic to illustrate their favourite part of one of her books. We also loved learning about the dinosaurs using cotton buds pasted onto black sugar paper to show the outline of a dinosaur skeleton! Books were used for research purposes such as whether a dinosaur was a carnivore or a herbivore. This term we will be learning about the 5 senses and of course the season of Advent leading up to Christmas itself.

Important Information
Gym Days - Tuesday & Thursday
Please bring homework pouch in each day.
Room 12