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Miss Docherty  and Mrs Hewitt - P1/2

Gym Days  - Monday and Thursday

Please bring homework folder in each day.
Welcome to Primary 1/2 with Miss Docherty and Mrs Hewitt

We have been busy learning lots of new and exciting things.


This term in maths we will be working on numbers to 10. We will be learning to count, read, write and order numbers to 10. The children will also be learning about 2D shapes and patterns using shapes and colours.
We will be using a range of resources in class including active games, ipads and the smartboard.

Primary 2

This term we are working on our numbers to 100. We are learning to count, read, write and order numbers to 100. We have also been using mathematical language such as before/after and more/less than. The children have also been working hard on 2D and 3D shape as well as patterns. They have been identifying and labeling shapes as well as counting their sides and corners too.  We will be using a range of resources in class including active games, ipads and the smartboard to support the children in their learning.


This term we will be learning our initial sounds using the Jolly Phonics resources. The children are enjoying learning the new sounds and the songs and stories which go with them. The children have been learning their keywords in stage 1 to help support them with their reading.
We have started stage 1 of Storyworlds and all children are enjoying the challenge of reading their new books.

Primary 2

In primary 2 we have been revising our Jolly Phonics Sounds and are developing our reading skills through the Rhyme and Analogy Big Books. We have been working hard on our letter formation and storywriting too. In reading we are continuing to learn our keywords and we are working through Storyworlds.


This term our Technology topic is Toast. Children will have the opportunity to observe how bread changes when it is toasted. We will be conducting a class survey on toast preferences along with having fun making their own toast with their favourite toppings in class. 
Our Class topic is called  ‘The Street’. This will involve the children learning all about different aspects of a street, including looking at different types of houses and shops and also people in the community who help us. We have had visits from the Police and the Fire Service and the children throughly enjoyed exploring the fire engine.