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P6 - Mrs Donnelly & Fox
PE Days:
Tuesday & Wednesday
Please bring in full P.E. kit
black shorts/leggings, red polo shirt and suitable footwear (not used for outdoor wear)
Welcome to Primary 6… or as the children call it “the planet of positivity!”

Maths and numeracy

The children have been enjoying using and sharing new strategies in maths. All children have been developing their knowledge on place value, addition, rounding and estimating. We have talked about real-life scenarios when the children may use this, so please don’t be surprised when this happens at the shops!
Primary 6 have been learning all about 3D shapes and making their own. There is a wonderful display below our Maths Wall Display


Our children in Primary 6 have been adding to their Literacy Toolbox by extending the ambitious vocabulary used in writing, as well as using different connectives and openers. These skills have been put to good use when writing their own newspaper report. The creativity in Primary 6 is wonderful.

Topic – Music across the Ages

Our topic Music Across the Ages has been great fun and very exciting. From the classical pieces, wartime, big band, swing, soul, 70’s and up to date music by Bruno Mars, we have all enjoyed learning new facts. We have also enjoyed some music by Mozart, Elvis, Nile Rogers and Frank Sinatra too!

Technology and Science are truly alive and kicking in Primary 6 this term at topic time! Already the children have been researching and developing their own music related product. Who knows we may have the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in our midst?

In Science the children have made “Dancing Raisins” and investigating how sound moves in waves using conductors…ask the children to show you and try it at home using spoons and string.